How Does The ForYou Page Work?

TikTok’s ForYou page is the first thing that you find yourself faced with when you open TikTok.  Every TikTok user has a ForYou page and each one has their own page, hence, no ForYou page is the same. This is so, because of TikTok’s algorithm that builds up the page to the user’s liking. In this article, we are going to give you a guide on how you can get on TikTok’s ForYou page.

How To Get On TikTok’s ForYou Page

The ForYou page relies on many factors that contribute to what should feature on it according to what appeals to the user. These include, whether you watched the video to the end, shared it with others even outside of TikTok, liked the video if you followed the creator who uploaded that video, and lives in the same country as the creator. What you report or deem as Not Interested on TikTok, will affect what will be shown on your ForYou page.

By understanding these factors, you can get a better grasp of what is expected of you to get on TikTok’s ForYou page.

Make Sure You Upload High-Quality Videos To Get On TikTok’s ForYou Page

If you want to grab the scrolling eyes of users, then you ought to opt for a high-quality camera or phone. Low resolution is not fooling anyone and can be easily ignored. Filming your videos on a good camera means that your followers can watch your videos clearly, hence, increasing the chances of watching them to the end. Plus, having clear and quality footage shows your devotion and effort to the job. Also, add some good editing to the process and you will be creating the perfect motion picture that will most likely be how you get on TikTok’s ForYou page.

Dress Up For The Job

This tip does not mean that you have to spend hours picking the perfect outfit before shooting the video. No, that is a time-waster, instead, you could be filming tons of other videos. However, it does not hurt to put a little effort into your appearance and dress according to the theme or topic you are going to base your video on. (Spooky season and sweater weather coming up people, take the hint😊).

Note: do not forget to keep it natural. Do not lose yourself to be somebody you are not. Do not go extravagant, just be yourself, people love that.

Post Engaging Content

Your videos should feel real and show true personality. Do not post videos only for the sake to get famous. Upload content to engage with your fans as well as to have fun and to show your persona through your creativity. Be funny, unique, weird, truthful, artistic, trendy whatever you wish to become but, remember to only share relevant information. This way, you will not lose any followers but, you might gain even more, and you will get on TikTok’s ForYou page for sure!

Make Use Of Hashtags To Get On TikTok’s ForYou Page Fast

Hashtags are everything to TikTok influencers and users alike. If you use trending hashtags, it will be easier for TikTok’s algorithm to pick you up and feature you on ForYou pages across the world plus, you will be featured on the Discover page as well.

If you want to make a video with a trending hashtag, first go check which hashtags are trending from the Discover page and find which one fits in with your niche and try them out. Remember to keep your hashtags in your caption to a minimum, you do not want to overcrowd the little space you have. Three or four hashtags will suffice.

Upload Trending Challenge Videos

This is another sure way to get on TikTok’s ForYou page. Similar to trending hashtags, challenge videos are insanely popular and can be hilarious and most entertaining to watch at times. You need to search what is currently trending now and then, just like with hashtags, so you will keep up with other creators and increase your chance of appearances on ForYou pages.

Use Trending Audio And Filters

TikTok offers many features for editing videos and when they introduce a new one many creators make videos to try them out with the great chance of making them go viral. This is especially true with filters. Once that happens, be ready to see that same filter for the next few days, which is perfect for you to hop in on the trend as well.

Using audio is also key to get on TikTok’s ForYou page. You can also check for which audio is trending on TikTok and use it in your videos. Usually, trending audio has a trending dance coupled with it so, you might want to learn that too. 😊

Collaborate With Other Content Creators To Get On TikTok’s ForYou Page

The reason why collabs will make you get on TikTok’s ForYou page is because they are like being tagged in a Facebook or Instagram post. The other creator’s followers might see your post as well and there is a big chance that you can keep on appearing on their ForYou page from time to time. (thumbs up)

Final Thoughts

To get on TikTok’s ForYou page is not as hard as one might think. This article should have covered all you need to know to achieve this. Once you get your video featured on the ForYou page your success will have been set in stone. Remember to be patient, this will not happen immediately, and keep being consistent with your content.

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