What Are TikTok Bots?

TikTok is becoming more and more popular by the second. Creators are constantly looking for ways to increase their popularity. Advancing an account may take some time, which is why we are helping you to understand how to use TikTok bots to grow your account.

TikTok bots are useful automation tools that have been around for years. They make gaining popularity and getting videos on the trending list a piece of cake. All in all, they are simply a computer program designed only for your own commodity and success.

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How Does A TikTok Bot Work?

If you are familiar with other social media bots such as Instagram or YouTube bots, then this is not going to be a difficult concept for you to grasp. They basically use the same principle, although TikTok bots can sometimes have a higher follow-back rate.

Depending on the designed program, TikTok bots are usually used to grow TikTok accounts by using the following 4 actions: follow, unfollow, like, and comment.

What Is The Best Way To Use TikTok Bots To Grow Your Account?

To begin with, applying bot automation services to grow your account should be handled with caution. Preferably, you should not let the bot do all the work for you or else it would look fake, so keep on working on those creative projects so you can work hand-in-hand with the TikTok bot.

Once you sign up for a TikTok bot, you can give it a target audience based on your choice of hashtags, creators, competitors, and locations.

You can also set it to perform its automated actions such as follow and unfollow and automated liking to gain recognition.

Let me expand a bit more on those repetitive examples.

1. (Un)Follow Automation Tasks

This repetitive game is commonly known even on Instagram. We basically try to find other accounts whom we share the same interests and follow them. Once we get a follow-back we unfollow them so our account will not have a higher count in following than in followers.

Plus, getting a follow-back is not the only thing you might gain. Once the person has you on their following list, you could easily land with multiple likes here and there (voila)!

2. Auto Liking

This is were we shed a few happy tears and be grateful for the creation of TikTok bots. As you might as well know, when done manually, this process takes A LOT of time, literally hours.

The strategy here is, we selectively go through content posted by other users and like the ones we want in hope that those specific users will take a look at our account and find that we have similar tastes.

A TikTok bot which can help you grow your account in this way is especially helpful as it is the most engaging method to gain a follow-back.

Why Use TikTok Bots To Grow Your Account?

To be completely honest, you can always grow your account on your own. However, be prepared to spend numerous hours engaging in the mentioned methods to increase your followers, views, and likes count, when you should be spending more hours and putting more effort in your videos.

It is also worth mentioning that right now, TikTok bots are increasingly effective as more and more people join the platform and also, they are not regulated just yet.

When using a TikTok bot you can expect an increase in followers by around 1000-4000 followers per month (awesome right?)

Having a TikTok bot to grow your account does not mean that you should stop putting as much effort as you used to in your videos. To get the best possible results out of your botting experience you need to experiment. Do not stick with one genre of audience. Target different accounts and see which ones respond better and focus on them.

Also, try to spice things up with the way your profile looks. Now and then, change your profile photo and your account bio, anything to keep your profile alive and interesting. Remember, monotone vibes do not sell well.

Things To Looks Out For When Choosing A TikTok Bot To Grow Your Account

Using a TikTok bot to help you grow your account might sound a bit shady but in reality, it is a safe way to go.

Although, there are misconceptions that any bot will help you in growing your account and this is simply not true. This is usually implemented in people’s minds by those who are trying to rip off beginners.

Here are some things to look out for when picking a TikTok bot:

1. Make sure that the bot can set limits to the number of likes and follows it can perform per day so it can go undetected by TikTok and also, it does not become spammy.

TikTok has a limit on how many follows and likes you can do per day, and if you exceed that, they will certainly investigate it. This way, you will likely be suspected of using a bot and getting yourself shadowbanned.

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2. A good TikTok bot should be able to accurately understand the target audience you gave it based on your inputted interests, hashtags, and locations.

If it does not, you are probably not going to get a very successful experience. I mean, how are you going to gain followers who share similar interests with you if the bot does not know exactly what your interests are in the first place?

3. One more thing which I feel inclined I should disclose with you. While TikTok botting is quite safe to use, it is against TikTok’s guidelines even though it is not regulated.

The Best TikTok Bots To Grow Your Account

Oh, one more thing! After all this ‘how to use TikTok bots to grow your account’ talk, it’s only fair to mention some bots who are rated by many as some of the top-rated TikTok bots.

So, here we go:

1. Fueltok

Let’s start with the very best. Fueltok is a TikTok automation tool that uses your account to interact with other TikTok users by automatically following them and liking their videos in autopilot mode 24/7. This way, you can focus more on your work.  Just set it up; add your targets and let the bot do its magic.

2. TokUpgrade

Once this bot is set up everything is carried out through their fully managed and professional growth service. This means less manual work for you and leaving everything to the experts to monitor your success.

3. Instamber

This bot is perfect for beginners and it is a web-based application. All you need to do is add your account and input target audience and let it work on its own. Its own dashboard provides you with a report showing you the growth of your account.

4. Instazood

Instazood is a web-based Instagram bot which is the best of all the Instagram bots out there. Its makers decided to bring this bot into the TikTok niche and apply their experience to modify it to a similar bot to others in the TikTok automation tools marketplace.

Final Thoughts

This automation tool is possibly the best method you can use during this time while you can. It has all the tools you need to grow your account safely and quickly as long as you find the right one for you.

With that being said, we have just the bot for you. As previously explained, Fueltok is an exceptional TikTok bot, with advanced features to better your experience as well as your success.

Check out our website https://fueltok.com/ and start out free 7 days free trial now!

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