What Is EduTok?

As TikTok keeps on gaining fame, it has decided to launch a program known as #EduTok to promote e-learning. One might think that EduTok is just another set of online lessons, nothing special and pretty common. On the contrary, this program is still maintaining what TikTok is known for; its funny and youthful videos.

Creators who take part in this program use their short-form videos to provide useful information to their viewers. All the while, they still make use of TikTok’s editing features to make their videos as appealing as any other video on the platform.

How Did EduTok Start?

The #EduTok Program was first launched at an event in New Delhi on 18th October in 2019. The program aimed to integrate e-learning for the Indian digital community on the platform. Since its launch, it has been very well responded to and many other people and communities are sharing their own #EduTok videos by stating facts, sharing useful tips, information and lessons.

The influence that EduTok left on others shows how beneficial digital learning is. This can be especially seen by the huge amount of content that has been uploaded since its launch and the billions of views and shares the program’s videos have had.

Why Is EduTok Important?

TikTok empowers users to learn something they did not know before in a different setting than they usually experience. It also allows creators to teach others in more challenging ways where they have to keep their viewers’ attention. Therefore, EduTok allows both user and creator to share and discover content that has a useful purpose behind it.

Furthermore, EduTok can be most helpful for those who do not have the luxury to take part in certain educational lessons. Also, some individuals can find it easier for certain things to be explained on this platform than in the traditional ‘classroom’ setting. This is especially true when the creator is dedicated to make their videos fun and engaging so their viewers can have a blast watching and learning from them.

The Most Inspiring Content Creators

While launching this program, TikTok formed partnerships with Josh Talks, The/Nudge Foundation to launch a mentorship program, as well as with other top educational technology companies.

These mentorship programs included workshops and hands-on learning delivered by popular creators. As a matter of fact, many popular content creators are using EduTok to convey their message and show off their creative minds. These creators include:

  • theofficialgeet: Geet runs a small NGO in Delhi that helps children and teens who come from overcrowded places through motivational speeches. She uses her TikTok account to impart useful short messages and tips. Sometimes she also includes funny videos with her grandma and also runs a second account where she teaches English.
  • gunjanshouts: Gunjan has struggled with her weight in her past which greatly affected her confidence. Her TikTok account is about sharing her knowledge about losing weight and finding the right balance and solutions.
  • awalcreations: Awal’s main focus is to teach his audience English, even if it includes simple words and verbs. He slowly builds up sentences repeating them both in English and in Hindi.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, anyone can become an EduTok creator. If you wish to become one you can focus on a variety of themes including education, health & safety, wellness & fitness, and motivation. Remember to keep it positive, safe, and fun! Happy teaching and learning 😊

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